Green Growth and Equity in the Context of Climate Change

By Carita Chan

Figure 4: Adaptation Cost Estimates Based on Various Methodologies

In July, Professor Jeffrey Sachs and CGSD Director of Climate Policy Shiv Someshwar, authored a working paper entitled “Green Growth and Equity in the Context of Climate Change: Some Considerations” for the Social Science Research Network.

The paper, written for a conference organized by the Asian Development Bank and Institute, discusses practical considerations for climate change discussions, highlighting the issue of equity – the fair distribution of climate-related costs – and climate adaptation. Climate mitigation refers to actions that either reduce greenhouse gas outputs or increase their uptake, while the adaptation includes actions to augment the resilience of societies and biological systems to the effects of climate change. Academia has traditionally focused more heavily on mitigation over adaptation.

The full paper, which analyzes current approaches and levels of funding for carbon financing and green growth and proposes a possible approach to a global Green Fund, can be downloaded here. It was recently highlighted as a Top Ten download for the SSRN.

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