Prabhjot Singh wins $40,000 Young Leader Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Prabhjot Singh
, director of systems design for CGSD, has won a $40,000 Young Leader Award from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Prabhjot is one of 10 winners of the first-ever Young Leader Awards, which mark the 40th anniversary of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The awards recognize leaders who are ages 40 or under “for their exceptional contributions to improving the health of the nation.” The awards, which come with a $40,000 prize, also signal the winners’ strong potential for future leadership, according to the foundation.

Prabhjot helped design the community health worker systems for the Millennium Villages Project and is now applying some of the lessons learned from the Millennium Villages in New York City, working with the City Health Works! program in Harlem to fight obesity and other health problems.

“I’m passionate about enlarging the imaginative space in U.S. community health systems, in terms of expectations, organization and information utilization,” Singh said in an interview this week. “Through our work across the Millennium Villages in sub-Saharan Africa, I have seen first-hand how communities are the ultimate catalyst of systems change. City Health Works! is the scalable entity in New York City that we are working with to actually implement and try out the most appropriate innovations we have seen.”

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