Haiti Development Discussion with Author Jonathan Katz

As part of the Haiti Research and Policy Program’s Dialogue Series, Program Director Dr. Tatiana Wah welcomed author and journalist Jonathan M. Katz to discuss his new book, The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came To Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster, and his observations from two years of reporting on the Haitian recovery after the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. Katz expressed his views of the shortcoming of foreign aid in Haiti and argued within his book that the international aid money has become a missed opportunity to address core development challenges in Haiti. In conversation with Dr. Wah, Katz suggested that a large portion of this aid money would have been better off in the hands of the Haitian government and Haitian institutions than well-intentioned foreign NGOs. He believes the country remains as vulnerable today as it was prior to January 2010.

This roundtable discussion is part of the Haiti Research and Policy Program‘s Dialogue Series, hosted by Dr. Tatiana Wah and Alex Fischer. The aim of the series is to reexamine the prevailing public thought, scientific research, and discourse around development in Haiti in order to create a space for innovative approaches to Haiti’s future through critical and collaborative dialogue.

Read the full blog post on the Earth Institute’s State of the Planet site.


  • ruth gottstein says:

    I have just read Jonathan’s book on Haiti, and would like to email him. Is his email available?

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