Monitoring and Evaluation in Bonsaaso

Farmers drying cocoa in the sun. Photo: Liya Akilu

I recently collaborated on a process evaluation in Bonsaaso, Ghana with staff from the Bonsaaso Millennium Village’s monitoring and evaluation and community development teams. The work documented project implementation and collected qualitative data — via interviews with community members, project staff and government officials — on the strategies employed by the Bonsaaso Millennium Village, as well as factors that facilitate or hinder achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana.

The project’s monitoring and evaluation platform collects qualitative and quantitative data on a regular basis to inform planning, budgeting, implementation and operations. The process evaluation provides a quick snapshot of whether programs are being implemented as designed, maps outcome and impact pathways and complements data generated through outcome monitoring and household surveys.

All the data collected will be used to guide planning, implementation, and operations by the regional MDG Centers in Senegal and Kenya, the site teams in Bonsaaso, and the sector teams which include health, education, and business development among others as we take an integrated approach to development throughout the Millennium Villages.

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