Publication: 1 Million Community Health Workers in sub-Saharan Africa by 2015

IMG_0133-e1362591750396-150x150A new article in The Lancet, authored by Dr. Prabhjot Singh of CGSD and Professor Jeffrey Sachs, describes the promise of scaling up community health workers (CHWs) around the world.

The international perception of CHWs has changed over the last ten years. They have increasingly come to be seen as a core way for community health systems to deliver health promotion advice, preventative care, and basic treatments for common diseases at the doorsteps of those who need them most.

Quoting from the publication, “a key difference between the old and new CHW models is that workers are now viewed as an integral and formal part of the health system, with reporting lines, training, supervision, and feedback.”

Building upon the findings of the CHW Technical Taskforce, convened by Columbia University in 2011, there is now a recognized need for countries to scale up and integrate CHWs into health systems. A target was set of integrating roughly 1 million CHWs into health systems throughout sub-Saharan Africa by 2015 to achieve the health Millennium Development Goals.

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