“Youth for Action & Arts for Change” Fundraiser and Film Screening

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013 – Teachers College

RECEPTION & SCREENING (Room: 179 Grace Dodge): 6:00–8:00 PM  –  Tickets Here

SCREENING ONLY (Room: The Chapel): 8:00 PM  –  Tickets Here

This fundraiser for “Youth for Action & Arts for Change” will support two youth groups in rural Sauri, Kenya that are part of the Millennium Villages Project’s vision of eradicating extreme poverty in our lifetime. These youth groups are striving to build a youth media center dedicated to the idea of curating culture for development purposes, specifically the production of media clips, soap operas, & movies for social change. The demand for movies & home made films is overwhelming & both have incredible potential to become sustainable sources of income though film sales & production services to NGOs, schools, & governments.
A portion of the proceeds from this screening will go to help cover the purchase of the equipment these youth groups need (e.g. cameras,  computers, editing software, etc.) as well as film production & distribution training for self-sufficiency.

Film screenings:

The-Kampala-Story-11-300x168THE KAMPALA STORY – NY Premiere

A drama about family and responsibility. It is about a Karimojong girl’s maturing into a woman. Apio, a 14 year old Karamojong girl and her mother run their household on money wired through mobile money service from her father who works at a security firm in Kampala, the capital of Uganda. When her father all of a sudden stops communicating with the family at a time when Apio’s mother is pregnant and might need a costly medical operation, she travels to Kampala to find him so they can SMS money back home.Apio then is confronted to the dangers of a city unfriendly to courageous young girls. The film portraits a modern Africa where, a decade ago, 300.000 people in Uganda had access to a telephone, and today more than 3.000.000 people own a mobile phone.

Directed by Kasper Bisgaard, 2012, 62 min., Uganda, Drama, Karamojong/Luanda/English subt. 

Shown with “Sweet Sweet Country”.  Q&A after the screening.

Sweet-Sweet-Country-3-300x198SWEET, SWEET COUNTRY

Living in a small Southern town, 20 year-old refugee Ndizeye struggles to support not only herself, but the family she left behind in a Kenyan refugee camp. Her struggle becomes so much more when her family literally shows up at her doorstep. Directed by Deganza Rogers, 2013, 19 min 12 sec, USA, Drama, English.

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