On World Teachers Day: Notes from Teachers in Mahbubnagar District

Authors: Teachers of Mahbubnagar District, Telangana District

Editors: Srinivas Akula and Radhika Iyengar

Today is #WorldTeachersday. While we celebrate the importance of teachers in the world and treat them as the foundations of our society, let us hear from teachers in Mahbubnagar district of Telanagana State in India about the importance of their work, their daily experiences and their inspirations. Very often teacher voices are largely missing in all discussions around education. Policies on education are formed without consulting the very core of education-the teachers.  Let us hear from teachers who are their inspirations that guide their work everyday? What is their daily work look like? What is their perception about the importance of their work? We have tried to keep the language verbatim, but have also tried to summarize their opinions. Here is a short note based on 5 teachers in 2 primary schools in Mahbubnagar.

My day starts with the morning prayers at school. We do the assembly with all students and sing the Vande Mataram (a patriotic song) along with the Telangana State song. I feel that this will create a feeling of desh bhakti (patriotic feeling).

A teacher is a life-long student. A teacher is a learner. He continues to learn so that he can help his students.

A good teacher not only teaches in the class, but also explains why the topic is important.

I want to make children good citizens of India. I also want to teach them about other countries.

I want to teach about real life issues to the children. Not only use books to teach, but also use real-life problems so that the students are prepared for life. I want to teach sports, about culture through bal sabhas (discussions lead by children themselves), about the Haritaharam(tree plantation program) and also about national and state festivals.

Teachers need to understand the mindset of the children.

Real education is not only derived from books. I want to teach about life experiences however I think that classrooms are not conducive to learning. We also need a lot of support from the parents. Parents take the children away for farming and thus their attendance reduces, we need to motivate the parents to keep the children in school.

Children in the first grade need to learn the alphabets first. How can they go on to understanding poems if they don’t even know how to read the alphabets?

My inspiration comes from Sarvapalli Radhakrishan and Abdul Kalam Azad (both former Presidents of India).

Mothers are my inspirations since a mother is the first teacher followed by teachers in schools.

Teachers have the potential to creating a new society. Teachers help in creating a country, a state, a mandal(block) so they play a crucial role in shaping the nation.

Teachers are like the pillars of a building. They have to be strong to be able to support the building.


Without teachers  they are no lawyers so there wont be justice.

Without teachers, there are no doctors, so there is no treatment.

Without teachers, there are no engineers, so there is no technology.



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