Haein Shin

Education Technical Adviser

Haein Shin

Haein Shin is an Education Technical Adviser at CSD. She provides research, technical input and scholarship management for Connect To Learn and has worked in low-income areas across 10 countries in West and East Africa, India, Myanmar and the MENA region. She has implemented youth and community education programs in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps and developed teaching and learning resources to improve learning outcomes, literacy, youth development and teacher training practices for the Millennium Villages Project, Mwenge University and Hindupat Institute of Teacher Training. She has planned and managed implementation of health education programs for a women's university in Saudi Arabia. Her professional interests include education in international development, pedagogical methods and child development. She received her M.A. in International Educational Development from Teachers College, Columbia University and B.A. in International Relations from The College of William and Mary.


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