Power in Praxis: Forum for Gender Issues

by |October 12th, 2018

Power in Praxis web forum launched on October 11th with professors, researchers, students and individuals committed to meaningfully engage in conversations surrounding gender issues. As a platform launched to bring together personal experiences and stories, positioned within practice and applied research surrounding gender issues, the starting discussion at the first gathering reflected just how complex the… read more

On World Teachers Day: Notes from Teachers in Mahbubnagar District

by |October 5th, 2018

Authors: Teachers of Mahbubnagar District, Telangana District Editors: Srinivas Akula and Radhika Iyengar Today is #WorldTeachersday. While we celebrate the importance of teachers in the world and treat them as the foundations of our society, let us hear from teachers in Mahbubnagar district of Telanagana State in India about the importance of their work, their daily… read more

Engaging the Business Community to Improve Education Quality and Youth Skills: A Conversation with Bridge Builder Jamira Burley

by |September 27th, 2018

Jamira Burley is Head of the Youth Engagement and Skills Initiative of the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education). GBC-Education brings the business community together to accelerate progress in delivering quality education for all of the world’s youth. It combines the voice, capabilities, resources, and innovations of over 100 companies and leading brands to address… read more

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Learning Letter by Letter in Mahbubnagar District, India

by |September 14th, 2018

There are many opinions on how children learn to read. Many of them are based in experiences of teaching kids from typical middle-income families in the west. I started reading stories aloud to my girls when they were about 4 months old. Our kids are exposed to books early on. By the time our middle-class… read more

Celebrating Different Types of Literacy this International Literacy Day

by |September 7th, 2018

This Saturday, September 8th, is International Literacy Day, a day for governments and civil society around the world to celebrate and reflect on progress made toward addressing the nearly 14% of the world’s population above age 15 who lack literacy skills, a majority of whom are women.[1]  With this year’s theme of Literacy and Skills… read more

The role of education in achieving Sustainable Development – Panel Proposal for CIES 2019: Call for individual papers to be invited in this panel.

by |August 28th, 2018

The Comparative International Society Conference 2019 San Francisco for its 63rdAnnual Meeting will be focusing on “Education for Sustainability”.  This is a call for invitation to be a part of the panel at the conference. Please find more details about the conference here: Motivation The idea that education has the ability to transform lives,… read more

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Cognitive Neuroscience in Practice to Improve Telugu Literacy

by |August 17th, 2018

This is a Standard(Grade) 1 Telugu literacy textbook used in the state of Telangana, India. Children by the end of Grade 1 are expected to fluently read this text with comprehension. However, a literacy assessment conducted by the Center for Sustainable Development in Medak District of Telangana in 2017 found that this expectation was far… read more

How do we equip the next generation with financial literacy?

by |August 14th, 2018

When the stock market crashed in 2008 with the subprime mortgage crisis, America’s ugly truths arose to the surface and with it, devastating damages and loss of homes for hundreds of thousands of families. Philanthropist Joyce B. Cowin recalled the crisis, “So many, many of them had worked their whole lives, lost the house, lost… read more

Commentary on a Comparative Education Review Paper by Helen Boyle

by |July 6th, 2018

Original article: Boyle, Helen. (2006). Memorization and Learning in Islamic Schools. Comparative Education Review, vol 5. No. 3. Commentary: Boyle (2006) brings to light a very relevant and alive debate: Do Qur’anic schools deserve the negative media attention they receive? Since 9/11 the world’s attention has been directed negatively to Muslim populations in general with… read more

The need for an SDG Index: What does it mean for Education?

by |June 11th, 2018

Sachs et. al. (2016) released the first ever SDG Index and Dashboards report in July 2016. The report did not present any surprises, but did illuminate the promising hope for many countries in terms meeting the SDGs. In 2015, the Millennium Development Goals era had ended and the UN, along with its 193 member countries,… read more