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Trump and the Doomsday Clock

by |February 12th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | February 12, 2017 The most chilling concern about Donald Trump is the worldwide fear that he puts our very survival at risk. This is not loose talk or partisanship. It was recently expressed by the most thoughtful experts who monitor the risks to our survival: The Science and Security… read more

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US Must Transition to Low-Carbon Energy

by |November 21st, 2016

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 20, 2016 Tesla electric cars are recharged at a supercharging station in Darien, Conn. Part of a weekly series on the economic choices facing the United States and its relations with the rest of the world. For previous entries, click here. Energy is the lifeblood of the economy…. read more

No Time to Waste: Ending America’s Climate Exceptionalism

by |September 27th, 2016

As featured in Commonweal Magazine | 26 September 2016 Each year, the planet breaks another global-warming record. Each month, we hear more stories of record-breaking droughts, heat waves, floods, fires, and extreme weather events that are supposed to occur only once a generation. And each new study seems to suggest that critical triggers like melting polar ice caps are coming… read more

A Contemporary Threat to the “Gateway to the East”: Managing Climate and Disaster Risk for India’s City of Guwahati

by |August 28th, 2013

By Justin Fung It has been said that during conflicts in the 17th century, the Kingdom of Assam — whose multi-ethnic citizens co-existed in harmony for over six hundred years — defended the eastern border city of Saraighat from the aggressive advances of the Mughal Empire on no less than sixteen different occasions.  As war… read more

Green Growth and Equity in the Context of Climate Change

by |August 15th, 2012

By Carita Chan Figure 4: Adaptation Cost Estimates Based on Various Methodologies In July, Professor Jeffrey Sachs and CGSD Director of Climate Policy Shiv Someshwar, authored a working paper entitled “Green Growth and Equity in the Context of Climate Change: Some Considerations” for the Social Science Research Network. The paper, written for a conference organized… read more

Reducing fire risk in Central Kalimantan: What will it take?

by |July 13th, 2012

By Joyce Wong and Quinn Marshall Central Kalimantan is home to a large proportion of Indonesia’s carbon-rich peat forests—many of which have been drained for agricultural use and palm oil plantations, leaving them degraded and vulnerable to the spread of uncontrolled fires.  This risk is heightened during the dry season, when farmers prepare their land… read more

Bridging The Communication Gap

by |February 12th, 2012

Shiv Someshwar, Director of Climate Policy at CGSD, was interviewed by Businessworld to discuss sustainable development and climate policy from a global perspective as well as an Indian one. Shiv highlights the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as an opportunity to highlight and remedy existing inequalities between industrialized and developing nations. He discusses challenges in development… read more

Climate Change through a Southern Lens

by |February 3rd, 2011

Shiv Someshwar, Director of Climate Policy at CGSD, was interviewed by OneWorld South Asia on the multifaceted issue of climate change and its implications for development. Shiv advocated dynamic policies that do not simply focus on the climate, but also take into consideration socioeconomic variables such as population growth and increased demand for resources with… read more