Trump’s War Psyche and World Peace

by |February 23rd, 2018

As featured on Project Syndicate | by Bandy X. Lee & Jeffrey D. Sachs | February 23, 2018 When Donald Trump took office early last year, many pundits believed that he would settle into his presidency and pivot to normality. But a large number of America’s mental health experts didn’t see it that way. They warned that… read more

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Ending America’s Disastrous Role in Syria

by |February 16th, 2018

As featured on Project Syndicate | February 16, 2018 Much of the carnage that has ravaged Syria during the past seven years is due to the actions of the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Now, faced with an alarming risk of a renewed escalation of fighting, it’s time for the United Nations Security… read more

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