Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy

by |June 7th, 2017

As featured in Project Syndicate | June 7, 2017 President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement is not just dangerous for the world; it is also sociopathic. Without remorse, Trump is willfully inflicting harm on others. The declaration by Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the United Nations, that Trump believes in… read more

How the corporate sector is wrecking America’s health—and what to do about it

by |June 7th, 2017

As featured in Quartz | June 7, 2017 | by Jeffrey Sachs and Vikas Saini The Obamacare repeal that passed the House is an unpopular and defective bill that would hurt the poor, the sick, and older workers, by raising deductibles and premiums on health policies for these highly vulnerable groups. Yet there is also a real opportunity… read more

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Climate of Folly

by |June 2nd, 2017

As featured in Commonweal Magazine | June 2, 2017 When I heard that Trump had decided to pull the United States out of the Paris climate accord, I immediately thought about an event I attended at the Vatican last September on Laudato si’ and the implementation of the accord. During that event, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon,… read more

US faces disgrace if Trump drops Paris climate pact

by |June 1st, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | June 1, 2017 President Donald Trump is expected to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, senior US officials familiar with his plans told CNN Wednesday. While not unexpected, this is a major break that would isolate the United States in global climate change efforts. Naturally, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a career-long, oil-industry shill… read more

Trump’s Paris pullout leaves America’s global leadership in flames

by |June 1st, 2017

As featured in New York Daily News | June 1, 2017 Today is the day that America’s global leadership ends. Congratulations, Washington, you have become worse than useless. You are now positively dangerous. Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement is leaving the civilized world. Hyperbole? Not so. Global warming is an existential threat. Every literate person knows it, including… read more

America’s Broken Democracy

by |May 31st, 2017

As featured in Project Syndicate | May 31, 2017 NEW YORK – US President Donald Trump’s ravings against the 2015 Paris climate agreement are partly a product of his ignorance and narcissism. Yet they represent something more. They are a reflection of the deep corruption of the US political system, which, according to one recent assessment, is no… read more

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Will Economic Illiteracy Trigger a Trade War?

by |April 20th, 2017

As featured in Project Syndicate | April 20, 2017 Nearly 100 days after US President Donald Trump took office, he and his commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, continue to commit an economic fallacy that first-year economics students learn to avoid. They claim that America’s current-account deficit (or trade deficit), which is in fact the result of America’s low and… read more

How Trump could make US a climate pariah over Paris pact

by |April 18th, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | April 18, 2017 Reports have it that President Donald Trump will assemble his advisers on Tuesday to decide on whether to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Naturally, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, a career-long, oil-industry shill from Oklahoma, is arguing to pull out. Yet even Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former CEO… read more

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Our misguided ‘wars of choice’

by |April 16th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | April 16, 2017 There is one foreign policy goal that matters above all the others, and that is to keep the United States out of a new war, whether in Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere. In recent days, President Trump has struck Syria with Tomahawk missiles, bombed Afghanistan with the most… read more

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Eurasia is on the rise. Will the US be left on the sidelines?

by |April 10th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | April 9, 2017 The world’s biggest geopolitical trend today is not America First, or the global war on terror, or Brexit, or the renewed Cold War with Russia. It is the economic integration of Europe with Asia, especially the European Union with China. Europe and Asia co-inhabit the world’s largest landmass,… read more

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