Trump’s tariff move shows he flunked economics

by |March 2nd, 2018

As featured on CNN.com | March 2, 2018 President Donald Trump fired the first shot in a delusional and destructive trade war: tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum. Shares of US Steel jumped 5.75%, about $460 million in market capitalization, but the overall US stock market capitalization fell by more than 1%, around $340 billion. A few steel… read more

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Trump’s War Psyche and World Peace

by |February 23rd, 2018

As featured on Project Syndicate | by Bandy X. Lee & Jeffrey D. Sachs | February 23, 2018 When Donald Trump took office early last year, many pundits believed that he would settle into his presidency and pivot to normality. But a large number of America’s mental health experts didn’t see it that way. They warned that… read more

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Ending America’s Disastrous Role in Syria

by |February 16th, 2018

As featured on Project Syndicate | February 16, 2018 Much of the carnage that has ravaged Syria during the past seven years is due to the actions of the United States and its allies in the Middle East. Now, faced with an alarming risk of a renewed escalation of fighting, it’s time for the United Nations Security… read more

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A Trump Christmas Carol

by |December 29th, 2017

As featured on Project Syndicate | December 29, 2017 This Christmas, America’s gift to the world was a $285 million cut in the United Nations’ regular budget. Technically, the UN regular budget reflects a consensus decision of the body’s 193 member states, but the United States was clearly the prime mover in pushing for the cut. Indeed, Nikki… read more

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America’s health is declining — and corporations are stoking this crisis

by |December 27th, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | December 27, 2017 America’s powerful corporations made a killing with the passage of the Republican tax cuts. The tax cuts will hand trillions of dollars to the companies and their moneyed owners following a massive corporate lobbying campaign. Yet the US government announced this month an even graver corporate killing. According to the Centers… read more

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Runaway greed enabled by the tax bill will lead to a crisis

by |November 28th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 28, 2017 The tax cut effort is an exercise in greed and arrogance. The nation faces a fiscal crisis (rising debt, large deficits, and major budget needs such as infrastructure), a social crisis (falling incomes for the bottom half), and a political crisis (a collapse of trust in public institutions)…. read more

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Dear senators: Don’t bankrupt our country

by |November 20th, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | November 20, 2017 Dear Sens. Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Ron Johnson, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski: I fear for the future of our country. I know that you do as well. You are patriots first and partisans a distant second. We are at a defining moment in our history: The tax… read more

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The GOP tax cut is daylight robbery

by |November 14th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 14, 2017 If the tax cut passes, it will constitute the largest heist in human history. This is daylight robbery by the super-rich against the rest of society: homeowners, students, the middle class, the young, the poor, indeed everybody who doesn’t own a significant stock portfolio. The result will put… read more

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The Ominous Absurdity of Trump’s Tax Cuts

by |October 30th, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | October 30, 2017 Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s call for corporate tax cuts is akin to his request for a government plane for his honeymoon: both are adventures in avarice. Donald Trump, Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, and the key billionaire funders of the Republican Party (including the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and Robert Mercer) would each reap a fortune from the proposed… read more

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Corporate tax cut propaganda

by |October 20th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | October 20, 2017 The White House is selling a tax cut designed for the rich as a boost for the working class. Cut taxes on capital, the White House claims, and investors will raise investment, hire more workers, and bid up wages — a.k.a. trickle-down economics. If the real goal is… read more