Trump’s War Psyche and World Peace

by |February 23rd, 2018

As featured on Project Syndicate | by Bandy X. Lee & Jeffrey D. Sachs | February 23, 2018 When Donald Trump took office early last year, many pundits believed that he would settle into his presidency and pivot to normality. But a large number of America’s mental health experts didn’t see it that way. They warned that… read more

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A Trump Christmas Carol

by |December 29th, 2017

As featured on Project Syndicate | December 29, 2017 This Christmas, America’s gift to the world was a $285 million cut in the United Nations’ regular budget. Technically, the UN regular budget reflects a consensus decision of the body’s 193 member states, but the United States was clearly the prime mover in pushing for the cut. Indeed, Nikki… read more

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Stopping Armageddon

by |December 14th, 2017

As featured in The Boston Globe | December 14, 2017 American arrogance and President Donald Trump’s delusional worldview have brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Before it is too late, American citizens must make overwhelmingly clear that we do not want millions of Americans or others to perish in a reckless attempt by the Trump administration… read more

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Decency Wins

by |December 13th, 2017

As featured on Linked In | December 13, 2017 Those words, tweeted by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, perfectly describe Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama. The ballot issue was decency: would the brand of Trump-Bannon-Moore indecency triumph over the common interests of Alabamians and Americans. A coalition of mainly urban, campus, and African-American voters registered a historic No! They turned out to… read more

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The GOP’s rush to tax cuts was brainless

by |December 3rd, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | December 3, 2017 I am writing from Beijing, China, where forward-looking policies in infrastructure, technology and diplomacy have fueled rapid economic growth and even more remarkable technological advancement. By the mid-2020s, China will most likely lead the world in key technologies for low-carbon energy, robotics and advanced transportation, among other areas targeted in China’s long-term development strategy…. read more

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A New Grand Coalition for Germany – and Europe

by |November 28th, 2017

As featured in Project Syndicate | November 28, 2017 Friends of Germany and Europe around the world have been breathing a sigh of relief at the newfound willingness of Germany’s Christian Democrats and Social Democrats (SPD) to discuss reprising their grand coalition government. The world needs a strong and forward-looking Germany in a dynamic European Union. A new… read more

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Runaway greed enabled by the tax bill will lead to a crisis

by |November 28th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 28, 2017 The tax cut effort is an exercise in greed and arrogance. The nation faces a fiscal crisis (rising debt, large deficits, and major budget needs such as infrastructure), a social crisis (falling incomes for the bottom half), and a political crisis (a collapse of trust in public institutions)…. read more

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Dear senators: Don’t bankrupt our country

by |November 20th, 2017

As featured on CNN.com | November 20, 2017 Dear Sens. Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Ron Johnson, John McCain and Lisa Murkowski: I fear for the future of our country. I know that you do as well. You are patriots first and partisans a distant second. We are at a defining moment in our history: The tax… read more

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The GOP tax cut is daylight robbery

by |November 14th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 14, 2017 If the tax cut passes, it will constitute the largest heist in human history. This is daylight robbery by the super-rich against the rest of society: homeowners, students, the middle class, the young, the poor, indeed everybody who doesn’t own a significant stock portfolio. The result will put… read more

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Big Data and Big Money Have Subverted Our Democracy

by |November 3rd, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 3, 2017 In American politics today, corporations reign supreme. Powerful corporations control American politics through Big Money and Big Data. Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress represent the ultimate corporate play, with the powers of the executive and legislative branches turned over to the most destructive corporate special interests. We… read more

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