Will Economic Illiteracy Trigger a Trade War?

by |April 20th, 2017

As featured in Project Syndicate | April 20, 2017 Nearly 100 days after US President Donald Trump took office, he and his commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, continue to commit an economic fallacy that first-year economics students learn to avoid. They claim that America’s current-account deficit (or trade deficit), which is in fact the result of America’s low and… read more

The Balance Sheet on ‘America First’

by |January 29th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | January 29, 2017 President Donald Trump believes an “America First” foreign policy would save Americans income and jobs and would help rebuild the country. Putting aside the moral and diplomatic dangers in Trump’s brazen assertion of American self-interest above global well-being, there is one economic truth in Trump’s… read more

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The Shifting Global Landscape

by |January 22nd, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | January 22, 2017 In “The Wealth of Nations,” published in 1776, Adam Smith described the early events of globalization that commenced with Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the sea route from Europe to the Americas in 1492, and Vasco da Gama’s voyage from Europe to India in 1498. “The… read more

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US Foreign Policy — From Primacy to Global Problem Solving

by |January 15th, 2017

As featured in the Boston Globe | January 15, 2017 Not for decades has American foreign policy been as uncertain and contested as it is today. At the start of the Trump administration, the challenges of foreign policy are of fundamental significance for US national security, and for global peace and prosperity. Today I’m inaugurating… read more

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Restoring Civic Virtue in America

by |December 5th, 2016

As featured in the Boston Globe | December 4, 2016 The direst threat American society faces today is the collapse of civic virtue. By that, I mean the honesty and trust that enables the country to function as a decent, forward-looking, optimistic nation. The defining characteristic of the 2016 Presidential election is that neither candidate… read more

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Big Innovations Require Big Investment

by |December 2nd, 2016

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 27, 2016 Of all of the purposes of government, one of the most important but often neglected is to mobilize science and technology to solve critical challenges. Modern society depends on highly complex technological systems for our safety and prosperity. Without these advanced technological systems, we’d have… read more

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Donald Trump and the Rebuilding of America

by |November 13th, 2016

As featured in the Boston Globe | November 13, 2016 DONALD TRUMP BECOMES president of a nation that is deeply divided by class, race, health, and opportunity. In his acceptance speech, he pledged to be the president of all Americans. He also gave a promising hint of how to pursue that objective in practice. Trump… read more

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Literacy focused workshop for MVP East Africa teams

by |October 1st, 2014

In late September, MVP education team members from New York, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya gathered for a workshop hosted by MVP Mwandama to share ideas and approaches to teaching children basic literacy. The workshop included local partner organizations also focusing on literacy in the Zomba Rural district, including representatives from Save the Children and… read more

Executive Training on Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development

by |December 13th, 2013

Mega investments in the extractive industries – including oil, gas, and mining – have the potential to be a springboard for development in many low- and middle-income countries, through major tax revenues, technology transfer, infrastructure development, employment and capacity building. However, reaping those benefits is challenging, and more often these investments have been a source… read more