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Commentary on a Comparative Education Review Paper by Helen Boyle

by |July 6th, 2018

Original article: Boyle, Helen. (2006). Memorization and Learning in Islamic Schools. Comparative Education Review, vol 5. No. 3. Commentary: Boyle (2006) brings to light a very relevant and alive debate: Do Qur’anic schools deserve the negative media attention they receive? Since 9/11 the world’s attention has been directed negatively to Muslim populations in general with… read more

Bringing Local Language Literacy to Mayange, Rwanda

by |October 1st, 2015

  By: Aimee Vachon, MVP summer intern 2015 Beginning in July 2015, a new twist on an age-old approach to teaching literacy was introduced through a pilot program at four schools in the Mayange, Rwanda community. Initially piloted in 2014 at the MVP site in Mwandama, Malawi, the program focuses on the classic approach of… read more