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Early Grade Literacy

We work in communities where learning levels are dismally low. Without targeted remediation, these problems compound as students’ progress, and especially when they transition to a new language of instruction. Our innovative, neuroscience-based approach to literacy teaching and learning in the early grades has yielded impressive results in Malawi and India. Learn more.

Teacher Training for Integration of Technology in Schools

To improve the quality of teaching and learning in resource-poor secondary schools, we train teachers in the integration of technology in schools, and help facilitate cross-cultural learning programs between classrooms in different countries. Our action research documents changes in classroom practice to inform our approach. We are currently developing a teacher training platform using Virtual Reality. Learn more.

Gender Empowerment through Scholarships, Vocational & Life Skills

We have supported over 1,370 girls with multi-year scholarships across 10 sub-Saharan African countries and Myanmar.  Our vocational and life skills programs cover topics including financial literacy, business management, leadership, communications and more. These programs help youth to earn income to save for higher education or start their own businesses. Learn more.

Lifelong Learning for All through Access to ICT-enabled Training

To overcome lack of access to electricity, ICT, education and training opportunities in rural and peri-urban areas, as well as cultural barriers that keep women from pursuing such opportunities, we are launching a solar-powered Cyber Cafe model that aims to help marginalized women gain access to skills, knowledge and support networks for their own self-empowerment.  Learn more.

For more information about CSD’s education work, please contact Radhika Iyengar.