Connect to Learn

Empowering Students & Teachers Globally

Launched in 2010, Connect To Learn now supports 762 scholars – the vast majority of them girls – across 10 African countries, empowering them and their teachers with broadband technology that provides access to a world of quality learning resources.

A call for quality secondary education for everyone globally—especially girls!

Education is key to ending poverty and ensuring a better life for people in developing countries—especially girls. Yet millions of young people around the world remain out of school and more than half of them are girls. Connect To Learn is a global education initiative designed to promote access to a 21st century secondary education for everyone. We provide scholarships and other support to encourage girls’ transition from primary to secondary school, and implement broadband connectivity in the schools they attend to improve access to learning resources for students and teachers. Even those in the most remote villages. With your help, we will make an important contribution to ensuring every girl and boy around the world has access to a quality secondary education by 2020, no matter where they live.


Connect To Learn works to achieve this mission through the following key strategies:

Increasing access to primary and secondary schooling
Improving grade-level learning outcomes in literacy and math
Creating supplemental materials including reading textbooks, teaching tools and e-learning content
Providing teacher professional development
Enhancing life-skills for students through exposure and specially designed courses that integrate technology tools

Connect To Learn’s data-driven approach continues to evolve based on ongoing research conducted by Connect To Learn’s team at the Earth Institute, and is implemented in collaboration with a growing portfolio of partners from the public, private and academic sectors.


In addition to improving the quality of the formal education students receive while enrolled in school, school is an opportunity for students to acquire key vocational and life skills needed to lead healthy, confident, and financially stable lives. Connect To Learn works with our scholarship students and their peers to implement vocational and entrepreneurship skills trainings that meet the needs of the economies in their local communities, as well as life skills such as health and hygiene awareness, leadership, public speaking and personal safety.

For more information about CSD’s education work, please contact Radhika Iyengar.