Tara Stafford Ocansey


Tara is a program manager and education specialist with over ten years of experience supporting education programs in diverse education settings globally, including in 11 sub-Saharan African countries, Myanmar, India, and the US. She has helped build partnerships with university, schools, and NGOs, and contributed to fundraising, administration, program planning, curriculum development, and monitoring of programs focused on early grade literacy, girls secondary education, ICT-enhanced learning, eco-friendly vocational training, and education for sustainable development.

Currently, Tara is contributing to production of digital education and training content for the Center’s Education for Sustainable Development work and Eco Ambassador program aimed at equipping educators and learners with knowledge and skills for taking action to address climate change and injustice. Tara helps organize panels, workshops, and web platforms for the Center’s education work.

Since joining Columbia University’s Earth Institute in 2012, Tara has supported implementation of the Connect To Learn technology in education initiative in 8 sub-Saharan African countries and Myanmar. Tara managed Connect To Learn’s girls’ scholarship program that has helped enroll over 1,300 girls across ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Myanmar. She has helped develop new vocational and life skills programs aimed at supporting marginalized young women in building eco-friendly livelihoods beyond secondary school. Tara supported development of  developing Social Emotional Learning and Psychosocial Support interventions for over 300 primary schools in Northeast Nigeria through the Strengthening Education in Northeast Nigeria (SENSE) project.