About CSD

The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) mobilizes the scientific expertise of the Earth Institute to create solutions for the challenges of sustainable development. We advise governments, companies, and implementing partners around the world on sustainable development policy and best practices. CSD combines cutting edge research, technology, and best practices to translate the Sustainable Development Goals into meaningful policies and solutions. Our research scientists and technical specialists have expertise in many areas, including health, education, economic development, and the environment.


CSD designs and develops innovative solutions for addressing the challenges of sustainable development. Using the latest Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), CSD is bringing high-quality education and vocational training to girls and young women, equipping Community Health Workers with smartphones to guide decision making and facilitate longitudinal tracking, and reducing laboratory turnaround time for patients in hard-to-reach rural communities.


The team at CSD is committed to ensuring that new technologies and solutions are appropriate, affordable, and feasible for advancing sustainable development in low- and middle-income countries. Accordingly, CSD conducts implementation research and policy research with local partners to pilot new solutions, to identify effective ways to integrate solutions into existing systems, and to bring proven solutions to scale.


CSD works closely with partners in the public, private, and civil society sectors to promote sustainable development policies and best practices. We advise governments at the national, district, and local levels to strengthen health and education systems, scale up evidence-based solutions, and adopt policies to protect the planet and promote well-being. We also help businesses adapt their sustainability strategies and extend their impact to low-income communities around the world.